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Contact us today and learn how Verklig-inc
can transform your bussines and simplify your
import/export warehousing and shipping solutions.

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Shipping isn`t a complicated puzzle when
VerKlig-inc is the solution

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Years of Service Excellence

Meet Verklig-inc and learn why we are leader in
global business shipping and logistics services

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Welcome to Commodities

Verklig-inc is part of SEGER Group, present in import/export market sinse 2012.

The company performs of Arabica Green Coffee to diferent importers in
the United States, German, Spain and United Kingdon.

The Verklig-inc represents the SEGER Group on
the United States Commodities Market.

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Contact us today and learn how Verklig-inc
can transform your bussines and simplify your
import/export warehousing and shipping solutions.

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Verklig has a solid reputation for providing personalized, innovative logistics solutions for companies throughout the world. For years our dedicated professionals, structured processes and evolving global technology platform has been providing logistics solutions that deliver a clear business advantage – from anywhere, to USA.

Explore this site to learn more or, better yet, contact us today with your toughest logistics challenge. We’ll help solve it and… we’ll move the world for you!


We provide a complete range of services to handle all international and domestic logistics needs. You can learn about them here or contact us and we’ll create an end-to-end solution that provides value and agility where you need it most!


Project & Structured Finance

Verklig International Inc. offers a range of financing solutions for their international customers. Limited recourse (project) and structured financing are two options that offer maximum flexibility for project and infrastructure sectors.

Verklig working with Ex-Im Bank can consider limited recourse project financing in most countries and has no country or project dollar limits.

Limited Recourse Project Finance

Verklig’s limited recourse project finance is an arrangement in which Ex-Im Bank lends to newly created project companies and looks to the project’s future cash flows as our source of repayment instead of relying directly on foreign governments, financial institutions or established corporations for repayment of the debt.

This financing arrangement is especially appropriate where hard currency revenues can be captured offshore or long-term off-take contracts insure project cash flows. Ex-Im Bank will work with project developers or equity participants to develop a structure that can be sustained throughout the project’s operations.

Ex-Im Bank is also looking at other innovative structures such as risk sharing with suppliers and reinsurance in order to facilitate transactions in important industry sectors that may not meet these criteria.

Structured Finance

Through “structured finance,” Verklig can consider existing companies overseas as potential borrowers based on their creditworthiness as reflected on their balance sheet and other sources of collateral or security enhancements.

Ex-Im Bank has done structured transactions such as multiple-country fiber-optic cable, oil and gas projects, air traffic control, telecommunications and manufacturing entities.

Program Benefits

Ex-Im Bank’s project and structured finance features many benefits, including:

  • Responsiveness – You receive your letters of interest in seven days or less (and you can request them on line) or a preliminary project letter within 45 days of formally applying for financing.
  • Transparency – You can estimate our exposure fees, get detailed application information, and look at all of Ex-Im Bank’s published documentation (including environmental guidelines, country limitations, and project criteria). See links on this page.
  • Availability – We have no country or project limits.

We are also working to improve our program in many areas, including:

  • Coverage – Offering comprehensive coverage for a greater variety of projects.
  • Dependability – Converting past political risk only construction guarantees into comprehensive term loans and guarantees at “take out.” We have successfully taken out more than 18 projects and have financed an additional 30 projects on a comprehensive basis through construction and operation.
  • Cooperation – Sharing financial and legal advisors with other lenders and initiating inter-creditor dialogues earlier in a project life cycle.
  • Creativity – Looking at alternatives to traditional, contractually based offtake arrangements that include risk sharing and unique structures in a diversity of challenging industry sectors. We may also be able to provide guarantees in non-traditional currencies.
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